NEW CATALOG 2023 of 1-64 figurines and stuff for dioramas from DS-64 is ready! The most popular sets for your diorama. New designs, high detail, handmade. In new gift boxes. Quantity is limited! 👇

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1/64 stuff figures for diorama Hot Wheels Matchbox

Hi friends! Online store “Diorama-Supplies” to create dioramas in 1/64 scale is open!

I have been working on this store for two months. I am very glad to everyone who helped me and hurried with the opening. I am grateful to my first Facebook customers. You gave me confidence that I produce decent things.

Here you will find everything to make it easy for you to create impressive dioramas. There are characters for dioramas (police, cowboys, supporters, civilians, farmers, men and women).

Also you will find supplies for your garage dioramas. For example, 1/64 scale car lifts, racks, stairs, tires and more. On the site you will find animals for dioramas – cows, pigs, horses, bears, crocodiles. All supplies are created by 3D printing, thermoforming, laser and CNC cutting. All characters are hand-painted three times.

We ship to all over the world. Today most of the clients are from the USA, Canada, Mexico and Germany.


I will be glad to see you on my Instagram and Facebook page.