Sergey Kostyna. Owner, 3D designer, creator, artist of everything that you see on this site

Hello dear dioramas creators !

Welcome to my Dioramas Supplies store!

There should be the history of my firm. The story is about how, in the 1900s, my great-grandfather taught my grandfather how to make small figurines out of wood with a simple pocket knife. How then they sold these figurines at the village market on Saturdays.

But such a story will not be here. Just because I just recently found myself in the magical world of creating dioramas. I have good graphics skills, a very vivid imagination and incredible attention to detail. Add to that unhealthy perfectionism and you can see why the diorama parts I make look so much like real objects.

1-64 diorama B-B-Q grill
1-64 diorama B-B-Q grill

My Mission

My firm’s mission is to create interesting, highly detailed parts for 1/64 scale dioramas and to enable artists to buy my products at affordable prices all over the world.

I want to make it easy for you to create gorgeous dioramas using recognizable and quality parts. I often see that due to the lack of good details, the diorama does not come out alive.

You’ve probably seen such dioramas¬†– when the cars are in the parking lot, naked girls are sitting on them, there is a cheerful Scooby-Doo about 10 feet tall, John Wayne with pistols, and the Beatles are crossing the road.

I really hope that I can create for you exactly what you can use quickly and get the best results.


My Products

You’ve already seen some of my products in Facebook groups. Every time I get a lot of nice comments from you (Thanks a lot!). When creating products, I use many technologies – laser cutting, cnc cutting, resin casting, 3D printing, manual painting. All my 3D models are made by me or bought specially from designers. Before putting a model on sale, I repeatedly test and study every detail. For example, I reworked the famous grill 12 times!

Tractor for diorama 1 64
Deer with antlers for diorama 1 64

My Purpose

My business goals are :

  • Create the widest and most interesting assortment of 1/64 scale diorama parts by the end of 2021.
  • Open a warehouse in the USA.
  • Open shops in Ebay, Etsy.
  • Find distributors in all parts of the world.

    I hope I succeed! Thank you for visiting my store.