1-64 Supporters Funs Figurines and Bleachers



1-64 Supporters Funs Figurines and Bleachers


1-64 Diorama Supporters Funs Figurines Bleachers + Bonus.

Supporters set of 24 painted high-quality figures. If you want to make a diorama about rallies, competitions, car racing, formula 1, or even just a concert – this set is just what you need.

Important! These are not just boring and calmly sitting figures of people like in a library for pensioners.

These are explosive emotional live fans – Supporters. They scream, jump, wave their arms, and yell into megaphones.

If you want a live emotional diorama, this is your set.

Bonus: The set of 24 supporter figures will get 2 Bleachers!

The regular price of these Bleachers is $18, but you will get them together with the calipers.

All stuff is made of special resin – it is hard and slightly flexible. Items will not break if you accidentally drop them from the height of the table. All pieces are painted with professional paint in three layers by hand.

You will receive this set in a gift box and you can present it to a friend or yourself as a gift.

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