1-43 garage diorama Mechanic on Torin Rolling Garage/Shop Creeper set 3

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1-43 garage diorama Mechanic on Torin Rolling Garage/Shop Creeper set 3.


Get ready to rev up your garage diorama with our must-have set! This set features a classic scene of a mechanic working under a car, adding a touch of realism to your display. With intricate details and a natural look, this set is sure to impress. Don’t miss out on this garage essential!

Attention! Only the items listed in the description are sold here. The set does not include cars, walls, etc. Read carefully, please.👇

Set includes:


  • Figurine of a mechanic with a wrench in his hand;
  • Big red Garage/Shop Creeper;
  • Wrench box;
  • Two car jacks.


The figurines are made to exact scale and are the perfect size for 1/43 scale car models. Just add your car model and you will have a stunning diorama that will impress any car enthusiast. This set is a must-have for any collector who wants to take their diorama game to the next level!

We offer combined shipping worldwide. The cost for shipping the first item is $9, and each additional item is only $1. Please note that our store offers products on various scales.

 All stuff is made of special resin – it is hard and slightly flexible. Items will not break if you accidentally drop them from the height of the table. All pieces are painted with professional paint in three layers by hand.
You will receive this set in a gift box and you can present it to a friend or yourself as a gift.

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