1/64 scale garage furniture set 9



1/64 scale garage furniture set 9


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1-64 garage diorama furniture set

The most complete furniture set for your Hot Wheels or Matchbox 1/64 scale diorama. All items are detailed and made very carefully. Put this piety even in a sneaker box and you will get a real garage without much effort.
Set includes:

  • A steel profile rack with two car seats on the top shelf, cans of oil, brake pads, compressor hose, fuel cans, boxes of spare parts, and high-voltage wires.
  • A steel profile rack with cans of grease, cans of brake fluid, hose, and boxes of spare parts.
  • Curbstone small on wheels with boxes. One drawer is open and we see adjustable wrenches and other tools there.
  • Curbstone big on wheels with boxes. One drawer is open and we also see various instruments there.
  • Trolley with box and plastic case with a drill.
  • Cart for spare parts and parts with an open door. Inside the cabinet, we see several boxes and metal cans.
  • Cart with a bins system for storing nuts, bolts, and other small things.

 All stuff is made of special resin – it is hard and slightly flexible. Items will not break if you accidentally drop them from the height of the table. All pieces are painted with professional paint in three layers by hand.

You will receive this set in a gift box and you can present it to a friend or yourself as a gift.

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