1-64 scale dirt bikes

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In search of the perfect addition to your 1-64 scale diorama? Look no further than our meticulously crafted 1-64 scale dirt bikes set. These models boast exceptional detail, featuring chrome parts and vibrant colored bodies. A versatile addition to any scene, whether it’s in a garage setting with mechanics or parked outside a building in a street scene.

👉 The set includes TWO bikes!

Please note, the bikes themselves do not stand independently; they require support or adhesive to remain upright. You can easily position them against a wall in your garage scene or park them near a building in your outdoor layout. Check out the dimensions in the accompanying photos. This listing includes two bikes to enhance the authenticity of your 1-64 scale scene.

Your dirt bikes will arrive securely packaged in a durable cardboard box, ensuring they reach you in pristine condition. Simply unpack and place them in your diorama to instantly elevate its realism.

Crafted with precision using high-quality equipment, our dirt bikes undergo additional processes such as UV curing and professional acrylic paint application for durability. These models are designed for collectors and diorama enthusiasts alike, not intended for children.

Other items in scale 1-64 and materials for creating dioramas can be found at the link: Items for 1-64 scale diorama.

Complete your collection or diorama scene with our 1-64 scale dirt bikes set. Enhance the authenticity of your miniature world today!

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