1-64 diorama big photographers set



1-64 diorama big photographers set


1-64 diorama big photographers set.

This is the most complete set of photographers on the market. If you want to make a diorama from a celebrity or a car show – without these guys you will have a boring result.

Set includes:

  1. The figure of a cameraman + video camera on a tripod;
  2. Photographer figurine on knee + photo camera on a tripod;
  3. The figure of a photographer squatting;
  4. Photographer with a small camera;
  5. Girl photographer.

All stuff is made of special resin – it is hard and slightly flexible. Items will not break if you accidentally drop them from the height of the table. All pieces are painted with professional paint in three layers by hand.

You will receive this set in a gift box and you can present it to a friend or yourself as a gift.

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